About Us

Brilliant Factory® was born out of the need for better ways for aspiring bosses and owners just like ourselves to start and grow their businesses.

Brilliant Factory is an easy-to-use platform to build or boost your business.  We are private and membership-based to encourage sincere effort and respect for ideas and one another.

This site is the brainchild of experienced business folk who know what it's like to start and run a a brand new enterprise. Our mission is to help make American business vibrant.

But enough about us - let's talk about you.  Whether you own a business, or dream of starting one, you need a friendly circle of like minds where you can talk frankly and fearlessly about your business, and find those assets and answers that are pretty hard to find on your own.

Our Story

As business owners ourselves, consulting to founders who wanted to improve their bottom line, we saw first-hand how even smart, energetic entrepreneurs can get stuck. These business owners had businesses with potential - but they just didn't know how to make it all happen. Despite the growing necessity for entrepreneurship, only a small sliver of endeavors seem to be getting all the attention. They were part of the 99% of businesses that were left to go it alone.

We knew how to fix this. 

We're often asked for advice on a wide variety of tricky business issues by various types of businesses. We decided to survey business owners (and aspiring founders), and realized that lots of people saw tremendous value in joining an online platform that would help them get the right stuff, at just the right moment, to build and boost their businesses.

We realized it would not be enough to simply create a blog, a marketplace, a social network, a list of self-help books, or a collection of tools.

Tapping into our backgrounds in technology, marketing, and media, we decided to build a platform for the other 99% - real business owners. This platform would welcome all owners, regardless of the kind of business, their financial status, or where they are in their business journey. A place where anyone can succeed by putting in honest effort, with a little help from their friends. 

Brilliant Factory is mission-driven to make business success faster and simpler. We're passionate about helping the "other 99%" of business owners, founders, and kitchen-table entrepreneurs to find resources, make meaningful connections, and achieve financial success. We started Brilliant Factory to help business owners across the United States, and soon, across the globe.

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COO & Co-Founder

Creative executive bridging the worlds of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, real estate, and good business. Super-connector with an eye for talent and opportunity. Rebel with a cause.



CEO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur skilled in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship with over 200 awards. Scrappy, pint-sized Wonder Woman and glass ceiling breaker.



CTO & Co-Founder

Senior Solution Architect and technical leader with 20 years on the bleeding edge. Sr. Member Civil Air Patrol, and Coach for Air Force Association CyberPatriot Program. Affable geek with a brain the size of a planet.

Our Advisors

Advisor, Sandeep

Fractional CFO


Advisor, Sheri

Philanthropist, M&A Expert

Advisor Larry

Real Estate and Business Law

Advisor Laura

Securities Law

Advisor Anita

Silicon Valley Connector


Advisor Sam

Social Media Marketing

Advisor Celine

Human Resources

Advisor Keshu

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Advisor Melinda

Viral Promotions


Advisor Howard

Corporate Partnerships

Jarrett, Advisor


Nordean, Advisor

Customer Experience

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This could be you!
Business Development


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Danger Kitten
Defender of goodness and truth.

world globeOur Professional Representation

Fenwick and West


Fenwick & West LLP

Fenwick & West LLP is ranked as one of the 100 largest law firms in the United States with clients such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber, AirBnB, American Express, Dropbox, Apple, Etsy, Reddit, Coinbase, and Cisco.

Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank helps innovators, enterprises, and investors move bold ideas forward, fast.  Fifty-percent of venture-backed tech and life science companies in the U.S. bank with SVB.  The bank has helped fund more than 30,000 start-ups.  SVB is the go-to financial partner for investors in the innovation ecosystem and beyond.

Fenwick and West