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This is the practical platform for the other 99% of us who want to start a business, grow a business, and make some money.

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What Brilliant Factory Isn't:

Brilliant Factory is not: a shared co-work space, pitch fest, incubator, accelerator, lender, investor, finance company, job board, business course, incorporation/legal, nor is it exclusive to unicorn startups.  It's not tied to one business niche or tethered to tech.

We're not trying to take the place of those great business services.

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What Brilliant Factory Is:

Brilliant Factory is a practical platform for real businesses.  You can find partners, suppliers, services, customers, finance, even a warehouse or office.  Most important, you can find peers and partners to accelerate your success.

Whether you're running an established business, just starting out with a great idea, or somewhere in between - Brilliant Factory is built for you.

Come in at any stage, or with any size or type of business.  You'll find lots of resources here to help you take your business to where you want to go.

Work Together
Build your own circle of peers and partners.

Put the pieces together
Fill gaps in skills and resources by tapping into people, places, things, and ideas.

Hit the next level
Bootstrap your business the easier, smarter, faster way - and make it easy for finance to find you.

Conceptualize.  Strategize.  Monetize.

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Don't Just Make Connections; Make ProgressTM

Brilliant Factory® is  the subscription-based, success-focused network & marketplace, geared toward people just like you: the founder or business owner.  Buy, sell, and trade.  Get advice.  Give advice.  Collaborate.  Find everything from supplies and office space to partners and funding.  We facilitate happy collisions of ideas, skills, resources, capital, and market.

The Brilliant Factory team has over 20,000 contacts to tap into on our members' behalf. 

Get answers! Make connections with positive. like-minded, forward-looking and helpful professionals, co-workers, affiliates, and financial partners.  These experts span industries like aerospace, manufacturing, wholesale, retail (online or brick & mortar), cosmetics, food products and services, restaurants, accounting, medical and dental, sports and sports medicine, computer games, toys, international business, banking, automotive, start-ups, product design and distribution, publishing, repair services, furniture, construction, angel and venture capital, education, cosmeceuticals, real estate, and more.

Subscribers get access to all members-only features for the crazy low rate of $99 per year. That’s about 27¢ per day!

Everyone is welcome! There is no application process to join Brilliant Factory.  Beginner or pro.  Established businesses or startup. Mom & Pops to Fortune 500 corporations.  Brilliant Factory is the melting pot of American enterprise.

"It's barn-raising for business!™"

barn | bärn |
noun. a large farm building used to store grain or house livestock. raising | räz-ing |
noun. the act of constructing or building (a structure). barn-raising: A community activity in which a barn is built or rebuilt collectively by members of the community, on behalf of one community member.  The tradition of barn raising continues in some Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities.

When you're running a business,
you have to think big.  Dream big.

Brilliant Factory is your toolkit for starting and improving your business.

  • Solve some of your toughest business issues.
  • Build your future, or just make a little extra money.  It's up to you.

About Us

Brilliant Factory® was born out of the need for better ways for aspiring bosses and owners just like ourselves to start and grow their businesses.

Brilliant Factory is mission-driven to make business success faster and simpler.  We're passionate about helping the "other 99%" of business owners, founders, and kitchen-table entrepreneurs to find resources, make meaningful connections, and acheive financial success.  We started Brilliant Factory to help business owners across the United States, and soon, across the globe.

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"From idea to done deal.  Make your dream a reality.™"


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Overlooked founders could represent a $4.4 trillion opportunity for investors in the U.S., alone.” - Morgan Stanley

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