Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

q. What is Brilliant Factory?

a. It’s a specialized professional network and marketplace where you can find the people, places, things and ideas that you need to grow your business.

q. What can Brilliant Factory do for me?

a. Time is money - Brilliant Factory can help you get started in minutes, instead of months. Get organized; find partners; find equipment; locate a warehouse; build upon an idea. 

q. What does it cost to join?

a. Your 1-year subscription is only $99 (or about 27¢ a day).  That's less than you spend at Starbucks® in a month.  In fact, you can join Brilliant Factory and keep on having your daily latte.  And when you join, we'll include a handful of our special on-site tokens just to get you started.

q. Where's the free version like other social networks? 

a. Turns out, it's better if all participants have the same level of commitment. Brilliant Factory works best if all Members are on-board from the start.  Like you, our Members are laying it all on the line. The subscription separates the can-do-preneurs from the never-gonna's. Why so economical, you might ask, with other services offering much less and costing much more? Brilliant Factory® is simply brilliantly efficient, tapping into the power of millions upon millions of experiences, resources, and ideas to help shepherd you along the path to success.

q. Will somebody steal my idea? 

a. It’s more likely that you’ll be able to profit from your idea.  Brilliant Factory is 100% paid-membership-driven.  The information you provide on this site is within the members-only private network.  Additionally, each Member agrees to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  Members are encouraged to be fair and equitable with each other. 

q. I lost my password/username - how do I retrieve it?

a. On the Sign-in screen, click the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the instructions.  To sign in, you will need the email address that you provided when you joined Brilliant Factory and the unique password you created.  Keep this combination in a safe place and don't allow others to use it.

q. What are the minimum requirements to join?

a. Just about anyone can join.  Any driven business builder at any stage from great idea to established enterprise can join.  Unlike the numerous incubators, accelerators, bootcamps, gurus, and funders out there, we have no minimum financial, educational, experience, or customer traction requirements for membership.  No scary application form to file, and you're a Member as soon as you subscribe.  You must be at least the minimum legal age to enter into a binding agreement (see our Terms of Use for details). 

WTF is Brilliant Factory?

It's like Disneyland... if Disneyland were virtual, and built for grown-ups, and only geared to build and boost businesses. It’s a spam-free platform of friends and allies. You'll get an answer right away - could be from a fellow Member, or one of our super-big-brained staff.

Is Brilliant Factory only for tech startups?

F&*k no! Brilliant Factory is purpose-built for your kind of business - potato-peeling service, plush toy empire, energy drinks for gerbils, warp drive starships, or - no matter what you're starting, building, buying or selling.

Where's the free tier, B?

Like Jedi Master Yoda would have said, "If free, the tier is, then the product, you are." No tiers means that every member is equal, and you’ll have no looky-loos dropping in to snoop on your business ideas.

Can I pay month-to-month?

Seriously? At $99/year - a teeny 27¢ a day - even your couch cushions can afford it.

So, then there’s a free trial?

“No! Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda (props to the creators of STAR WARS)
It just might be the best $99 you’ll ever invest in your business.

Do you take a piece of my business?

H*LL NO! What you build with Brilliant Factory is yours. No equity stake taken. No commission on enterprise sales. But hey - if you want to buy a Brilliant Factory, t-shirt, we won't stop ya. :-)

What are the minimum requirements to join?

None. Well, one: You do need to be over 18 years of age, reside in the U.S., and have a pulse. But that's about it. There is no qualifying, physical exam, IQ test, beauty contest, or credit check!